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Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit – Private Mexican Dinner Catering (in your kitchen)

Quick Details

Minimum booking for 4 adults private catering service
Experience the Best of Mexican Cuisine in the Comfort of Your Own Vacation Home

Savor the authentic flavors of Mexico with a private Mexican dinner in your vacation home in Puerto Vallarta or the Riviera Nayarit. Our renowned chef, Tony Camarena, and his team will come to your villa or condo and prepare a delicious and authentic Mexican meal, tailored to your specific dietary needs and preferences.

Why book a private Mexican dinner with Cookin’ Vallarta?

  • Convenience: Our chef will come to you, so you can relax and enjoy your meal without having to worry about cooking or cleaning up.
  • Personalization & Quality: We can tailor the menu to your specific dietary needs and preferences; our chef is a highly experienced and skilled professional who is passionate about creating delicious and memorable dining experiences using only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create authentic Mexican dishes

Select one of the following menus when checking out:

  • Sea food Menu :Tropical Sashimi, Coconut Shrimp, Veracruz Style Fish filet.
  • Best of Jalisco: Carne en su Jugo, Enchiladas with Mole, Tlacoyos, Mexican Molcajete (Chorizo, chicken flank steak)
  • Mexico’s finest: Chiles Rellenos, Baked Potatoes Oaxaca style, Mole Negro from Oaxaca.
  • Taco Symphony: Baja style fish Taco, Taco Paloma (beef, bacon and queso fundido), Cochinita Pibil Taco (Yucatán style Pulled Pork), Mexican Grill Taco (Arrachera, Chorizo or Chicken), Taco al Pastor, Marlin Taco,
  • Grandma’s recipes: Frijol con Puerco (Yucatán style beef and pork soup), Empanada de Marlin, Parrilla mixta (vegetables, shrimp, chorizo, chicken and arrachera, topped with Queso fundido), Tamales Oaxaqueños, Lomo Relleno (stuffed pork loin)
  • All the above listed menus also include: Guacamoles, Salsas, Chicharron, Mexican cheeses, Mexican dessert, Mixology Cocktails with Tequila or Mezcal.
  • Special Mexican Vegan or Vegetarian Menu: Guacamoles, Salsas, Pico de gallo, Portobelo al Pastor, Tortilla soup, Jamaica Tacos (Hibiscus) Baked Potatoes, Nopales salad, Pineapple Tamal.


Book your private Mexican dinner today!

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