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Cabo San Lucas – Cooking Class Experience and Local Markets

Quick Details

  • All Ages
  • 5 Hours
Adult Ages 15+
Kid Ages 7–14
Infant Ages 6 and under

An authentic Market to table cooking class!

What to Expect:

Get ready to enjoy the best Cooking Experience in Cabo San Lucas with the Radilla family ( Chef Issi, Chef Carolina, Chef Joshua)

Your cooking day begins with your Master Chef guiding you through the Local Mexican markets where the native families find the freshest produce.

The Master Chef will also take you to visit a “Tortilla Factory” from where you will pick the fresh dough to hand-make your own corn tortillas.

Once at the kitchen you will learn how to cook the best of the Mexican salsas and meals.

Delight yourself with your own fresh handcrafted Tortilla, sip a margarita, enjoy the fruit of your labor and have lots of fun in the best authentic “Local family experience” in Cabo San Lucas. BIENVENIDOS AMIGOS

What’s Included?

  • Shopping for produce in the local markets
  • Bottles of water, Tequila tasting, soft drinks, all ingredients.
  • Cooking class by Master Chef for: Hand made tortillas, salsas and guacamole, side dishes or soup and a main course.

What we will cook and when:


    • Mole sauce all from scratch, learn how to cook the best fiesta recipe step by step, together with rajas Poblanas, 3 different salsas and Queso Fundido.


    • Tamales (chicken, pork or vegetarian), Mexican refried beans, Pico de Gallo, Poblano  Chile Sauce, Guacamole and Home-made tortillas


    • Beef birria, learn how to make the best Adobo sauce, 3 different salsas, Poblano sauce, Pico de Gallo, Tortillas and Guacamole.


    • Paella and Sea food day, Queso fundido with shrimp, Guacamole and picaditas, tortillas.


    • Carnitas and Al Pastor Taco feast, 3 different salsas, Tortillas, Mexican refried beans



    • Chiles rellenos, Enchiladas, Sopes, Salsas Guacamole…our family’s favorites)

Please Note: We can easily customize and accommodate our menu to vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free, etc.

This is an ideal and great activity for cruise ship passengers, family or friends groups.