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Playa Del Carmen- Mexican Cooking Class with Chef Alma

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Kids Ages 6 -12
Infants 2 to 5

Cook Authentic Mexican Food Like a Local with Chef Alma in Playa del Carmen!

What to Expect:

  • Meet Chef Alma Gonzalez, a local chef in Playa del Carmen, and learn to cook authentic Mexican food from her family’s recipes.
  • Visit the local spice and produce markets with Chef Alma and learn about the native ingredients and stories of the people living in Playa del Carmen.
  • Cook and eat a Mexican feast with Chef Alma and her family in a true local family experience.

Why Choose Chef Alma?

  • Chef Alma is a local chef with years of experience cooking authentic Mexican food.
  • Her family’s recipes have been passed down for generations, and she is passionate about sharing them with others.
  • She offers a personalized cooking experience in a warm and welcoming Mexican home environment.

Book your Playa del Carmen cooking class today and experience the best of Mexican cuisine!

Why Choose Playa Del Carmen Cooking Class?

Authentic Mexican Experience

” It was a fun afternoon preparing and cooking the ingredients , sharing the meal ,talking and getting to know Alma . I highly recommended this cooking class which is an authentic experience you will only get from a small group event . ” -hwaterman. | Nov 2019     Read this review on Trip Advisor

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